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Y el guateque esta listo para arrancar con Afronautas !

Afronautas, here we are!
Afronautas it´s a new idea orbiting around Latinastereo, the best salsa radio station in Colombia. Take a look and you will not be disappointed.
The main concept is to explore the “on the border” Afro-cribean music experimentations and experiences, from the past until today, that means to get close to nearly outsiders hybrid sounds.
How the Afro-caribean music tried to explore, innovate and invigorate on the crossroads of Funky, Soul, Afro-beat, Latin Jazz and Salsa music? We are here to show you how, where and when it happens in some of his best manifestations.
Afronautas is a journey into the realm of explosive, gritty and innovative playful Afro-Latin sounds… now, just turn up the volume and enjoy.